A complete project

Always in the prospect of an optimization and a simplification that go through proposing itself as the only reference for the customer, the Piva Company offers contacts of trust for all the construction satellite sectors. This creates a single team of reference that works in synergy, so that the timing is more easily and concretely defined.


Over the years, we have created a consolidated collaboration with trusted local planning firms. Thanks to their collaboration, we are able to make any customers dreams a reality, assessing the requirements to concretize their ideas. This is a key phase for the new constructions but also for the renovations.

Industrial plant building

The fact that the construction company plays a central role in the entire project gains a substantial relevance when it comes to industrial plant building, a delicate environment inside of which it is fundamental to find cooperation and sharing of information. The Piva company can take care directly of the electric installations, making use of trusted internal electric technicians, while it can offer professional acquaintances that can take care of the hydraulic part.

Trim and details

The Piva Company can also dedicate itself to the details, directly or through trusted collaborators: from countertops to plaster works, from floor laying to paintwork, all the way to taps and interior design work. Piva will always have the situation under control for you.

Window frames

Ultimately, the Piva Company is developing the window frames internal sector – an independent sector, but always linked to construction projects – with the objective of offering a really complete service: also, purchasing directly from the producer, the costs become equivalent to that of a window frames professional.

This completes a work that outlines transparency, intellectual honesty and credibility.

Our construction consulting

How important is it to know beforehand if a house has the right price, while giving advance payments with a light heart? How useful is it to be able to understand if a property belongs to the indicated energetic class and if everything corresponds to what is reported in the terms of contract?

Too often, bad surprises are discovered only afterwards, such as properties classified as A - and payed as such – that bring consumption exponentially higher from what was expected. Ask the opinion of an expert!

New renovation consulting

The Piva Company cooperates with the main local real estate agencies, offering renovation packages to potential property buyers, to provide them in advance with an estimation about the kind of interventions and modifications that need to be done.