Who We Are

The Piva Construction Company was born in 2005, based on decades of experience in the construction sector of the former director Vincenzo Piva, now company collaborator who helps his son Fabio, owner of the business.

The strong familiar imprint of the Piva company generates trust, a concept that is also developed through the company’s wish to propose itself as a unique reference for the customer, offering competent internal and external professionals for any branch of intervention.


The company finds its own balance between problem solving capacities (brought by the proven competence given by the technical direction), management of the suppliers and development of the commercial aspect. In any of these fields, the communication and the relationship with the customer are of paramount importance.


The Piva society, which today includes 11 employees in its staff, uses excavators and construction equipment of its own property. Its work takes place primarily in the Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta areas. A preference that leads to lower costs, better schedule flexibility and elasticity, representing a real benefit for the customer.

How we work

A plus of the Piva company resides in its management capacities and in its work planning, which allows it to distinguish itself through the guarantee of respecting the timetables.

This is possible because all the workers are directed by only one main coordinator. Each professional figure – internal and external – knows the others’ way of working, in such a way that it becomes easy to program the project’s different phases.


If aesthetics and the external aspect mean a great deal, it is important to remember that it is also essential to cure the details that are unseen: these elements tend to have an effect on the true energy class of properties, affecting negatively on the consumption even if, for example, innovative and highly performing window frames are chosen.


Choosing appropriate and quality materials is also vital. The right and competent professional does not make compromises: he knows that one cannot use the same product for different processes and is aware of the fact that saving up and lowering the quality standards means setting the stage for hard to fix problems – or even dangerous ones -, for example linked to humidity.


The Piva Company has established through the years stable relationships of trust with its suppliers, thereby ensuring the customer to always be followed at best; from this security stems an additional facilitation of the timetables’ prevision.


The most appropriate materials are used for specific situations, combining tradition and innovation. The prime materials’ quality standard is always high in order to guarantee an excellent performance also in the long-term, preventing problems like the emergence of humidity.