Who We Are

The Piva Constructions Company of Director Piva Fabio is a firm that works mostly in the “Alto Piemonte” area, which is the north area of the Piedmont region. Specifically, the company is specialized in house building and in renovations in the area of Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta.

We offer you a solution for any of your desires: a house or second house, an apartment, a commercial property or a factory building? For both construction and renovation, we can give you an offer adapted to you, with only one referent and with an integral assistance, even in English!


For customers potentially interested in investing in a property in one of the most fascinating areas in Italy, the Piva Constructions Company can offer specialized counseling, able to follow the customer in all the necessary phases of purchasing, whether renovations of existing properties or construction of new buildings.

Areas of intervention

Our area of intervention offers numerous possibilities in the property domain that offer breathtaking panoramic views on the lakes. The area of sub-alpine lakes has always had a strong attraction because of its landscape beauty, the mild climate, the relaxing atmosphere and the cultural heritage accumulated through the centuries, for example its estates and domains, gardens and parks, churches and places of cult.

The territory

The lakes area is distant only 60 km from the city of Milan and is easily attainable by car in less than an hour. At only 30 km from the Milano Malpensa international airport, the area is easily reachable also by plane. It finally has optimal train services (trains directed to and from Milan every hour).